Addendum to Agreement Example

When it comes to legal agreements, there are often times when additional information needs to be added after the initial agreement has been signed. This is where an addendum comes in. An addendum is a separate document that is added to an existing agreement to provide further details or to modify certain terms. In this article, we will be providing an example of an addendum to an agreement.

Let’s say you have signed a contract to rent an apartment for one year. After a few months, you realize that the apartment needs some repairs and maintenance work. You bring this to the attention of your landlord and they agree to make the necessary repairs. However, this agreement is not included in the original contract. This is where you would need an addendum to the agreement.

An addendum would outline the agreed-upon repairs and the timeline in which they will be completed. It would also detail any associated costs and how they will be handled, such as whether they will be deducted from your rent or if you will need to pay them separately.

Here’s an example of what an addendum to the apartment rental agreement might look like:


This addendum is made between [Tenant Name] and [Landlord Name] on [Date].

1. The landlord agrees to make the following repairs to the apartment:

• Fix the leaky faucet in the kitchen

• Repair the broken tile in the bathroom

• Replace the faulty air conditioning unit

2. The repairs detailed in section 1 will be completed by [Date] at the latest.

3. The total cost of the repairs will be [Cost], which will be deducted from the tenant’s monthly rent payment over the next three months.

4. This addendum is an extension of the original apartment rental agreement and supersedes any conflicting terms.

Signed by:

[Tenant Name] [Landlord Name]

Date: Date:

In conclusion, an addendum to an agreement is a useful tool to modify or add further details to the original contract. It is important to draft the addendum carefully to ensure that all parties involved are clear on the new terms being added or modified. The example provided above can serve as a starting point when drafting your own addendum to an agreement.