Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License

Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License: Requirements and Benefits

If you are planning to hire farm laborers in the state of Oregon, it is essential to know the legal requirements. Oregon law states that any individual or company that hires, supplies, or transports farm laborers must have a valid Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License. This license ensures that the workers are protected from exploitation and that the employers comply with state regulations.


Obtaining a farm labor contractor license in Oregon involves meeting certain requirements. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Complete the application form

The first step in obtaining an Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License is to fill out the required application form. You can download the form from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) website or get a hard copy from their offices.

2. Attend a training program

All applicants must attend an ODA-approved training program. The program teaches the applicants about employment laws and regulations, safety and health standards, and other crucial aspects of farm labor management.

3. Pass the written exam

After completing the training program, applicants must pass a written exam that tests their knowledge of the material covered in the program.

4. Provide identification and financial information

Applicants must provide identification documents and submit a detailed financial statement to the ODA. This includes bank statements, tax returns, and other financial information.

5. Show proof of insurance

All farm labor contractors must have insurance coverage for liability and workers` compensation. Applicants must provide proof of insurance coverage when applying for the license.


Having an Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License comes with several benefits. These include:

1. Compliance with state regulations

By obtaining the license, employers demonstrate their compliance with state regulations. This protects both the workers and the employers from legal issues that may arise due to non-compliance.

2. Increased credibility

Having a license makes you more credible in the eyes of your clients and prospective employees. This can help you attract and retain high-quality workers.

3. Access to training programs

Licensed farm labor contractors have access to training programs provided by the ODA. These programs help improve the skills and knowledge of the contractors, making them better equipped to handle farm labor management.

4. Better job opportunities

Having a farm labor contractor license opens up more job opportunities in the agricultural sector. Many farms and orchards only hire licensed contractors, which increases your chances of securing work.


If you plan to hire farm laborers in Oregon, you must have an Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License. It is essential to comply with state regulations to protect both the workers and the employers. Obtaining a license involves meeting certain requirements, including attending a training program, passing a written exam, and providing identification and financial information. Having a license comes with several benefits, including increased credibility, access to training programs, and better job opportunities.